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Gear Relocation Specialist

Joe saves many a bad back and drysuit boot by ensuring the gear travels to and from the boat in the most efficient manner! Sometimes accompanied by his trusty sidekick Poncho who ensures everything gets the sniff of approval!


Scuba Instructor

Darren's scuba story started in his college club ever since then he has embraced the floatier side of life! Of all the dive sites he has visited both in Ireland and further afield, Middle Rock holds a special place in his heart and some say his favourite sea animal is the next one he seas.... 


Scuba Seán
Scuba Instructor

Seán has been teaching scuba diving for many years now and says that every dive is like the first dive for him whether it is at over 30 metres somewhere like the SS Thistlegorm in the Red Sea or the shallow waters of Coral Beach in Ireland.

Seán's bucket list includes wanting to swim with sea horses and Blue whales.


Scuba Instructor

Rebecca has been teaching scuba diving for many years and has a passion for the marine wildlife and loves finding new things.
Rebecca's loves macros life and some of her favourite species include little-cuttle and seahorses. 


Scuba Instructor

Jamine loves marine biology so much that she has studied it and one day hopes to become a jellyfish!


Capt. Moegan
Scuba Instructor

Saad 'Capt.' Moegan can usually be found behind or infront of a camera, (sometimes both).  He enjoys any kind of scuba diving as long as he's allowed in the water.

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