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McNett Gear Aid Zipper Wax (20 grams)

McNett Gear Aid Zipper Wax (20 grams)

Product Description

McNett Gear Aid Zipper Wax 20 GramUniquely formulated ecological biodegradable paraffin based stick formula for lubricating plastic and metal zippers on wet suits, dry suits, boat covers, tents and more. 20 Gram supplied in an ultra convenient multi use container, ensuring that your Zipper Wax is maintained in the best possible condition for quick and easy application.

Directions for use:

  • Use on metal zips, plastic zips, wet suit zips, boat zips and luggage zips.
  • Ensure zip is free from dirt and sand.
  • Regular cleaning and lubrication helps zips last the lifetime of the suit. Without proper care expensive zips degrade and need costly replacement.
  • Keep your wet suit, dry suit, gear bag zips free of harmful dirt, sand and salt deposits with McNett Gear Aid Zipper Wax. before Max Wax™ application.


Note: Some zip and suit manufacturers recommend the use of silicon and paraffin free formula product such as McNett Zipper Cleaner or Zipper Lubricant, or Beaver Zip Lube.

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