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Mares Sea Vu Dry + Snorkelling Mask

Mares Sea Vu Dry + Snorkelling Mask

Product Description


The Sea Vu Dry + mask is a combination of design and technology with low CO2 accumulation. A high-end product ensuring great performance: the Sea Vu Dry + snorkeling mask is practical and comfortable to wear, and is equipped with transparent surfaces, allowing for clear view all over your face.
Breathing is optimal thanks to a special system capable of minimizing CO2 accumulation, facilitating gases exchange and disposal. There are large air flow sections. The Sea Vu Dry + mask includes combined flat beds, for a 3D effect without optical distortion.

  • Features

    • Ergonomic full-face snorkel mask.
    • Transparent surfaces for a clear view all over your face
    • Optimal breathability through nose and mouth
    • Technology designed for minimal CO2 accumulation.
    • Safe gas exchange and elimination.
    • Presence of large air flow sections.
    • Perfect vision thanks to combined flat lenses for a 3D effect
Colour: Lime/Black
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