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Beaver Small Single Ended Bolt Snap

Beaver Small Single Ended Bolt Snap

Product Description

Small single ended Bolt Snap, manufactured from rust free marine grade Naval Bronze formulated for use in water. Allows smaller items of equipment to be securely attached and released when required, convenient attachment eyelet ensures quick and easy use. Spring loaded gate allows fast attachment and release to and from a safe and suitable point on your B.C.D., Harness or SCUBA Wing.


Measures 90mm – 3 ½ inches in length, 32mm - 1 ¼ inches maximum width across the Snap Hook section including the sliding gate lever, the spring loaded gate opens to a maximum of 10mm – 3/8”.

The high strength swivelling ring section measures 39mm – 1 ½ inches across externally and has a minimum internal dimension of 21mm – 3/4 inches.

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