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Beaver 50ml. Bottle of Aqualube

Beaver 50ml. Bottle of Aqualube

Product Description


50ml bottle of Beaver Aqualube zip lube & protector with built in brush for fast and simple application to all components of zips of any type. Approved by all reputable zip manufacturers to prolong the lifespan of zips used in & around the water. Regular use will assist in relieving zip stiffness and prevent zips from sticking, specially formulated for use in the most extreme conditions. Specific environmentally Friendly Silicone & C.F.C. Free formula of White Spirit & Paraffin Wax designed to protect Divers Suits and other essential equipment. To be used at room temperature and applied every two to three months with the applicator brush provided. Apply to both sides of the zip teeth and all working components, allow to soak in and dry, taking good care not to stain nearby fabrics.

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